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Book Six




Greetings, dear ones, I am Kryon of Magnetic Service, and I love you dearly. My partner spoke the words of the honor that we have for you. And oh, dear ones, it is my honor to be with you. Even now as you get used to the sound of my partner's voice representing my communications, I tell you that I am here to wash your feet. For the nurturing that I bring is the symbol of home, and if any of you for a moment could place yourself there, you would experience incredible love. Right now you sit in the duality of lesson. You sit in a place of honor. Priests, you are, each one in this New Age! We are here to tell you that you are dearly loved for this work. Even those of you who have no concept of what is taking place now — even the ones of you who do not believe that this could possibly be the voice of Spirit and can hardly wait for this meeting to be over—you are dearly loved as well.

There is no judgment by Spirit of any human—only incredible love. You are in this place on purpose! The appointment was never clearer that you should be here to hear these words or to read this page. For in this clear energy, we have some messages for you this night—messages that will be repeated over again by my partner, for they are very important. These messages do not speak of world calamity or of fearful Earth changes. This is the voice of home, which you are hearing and reading, that loves you—that surrounds you with arms of gold—that speaks to your heart this moment.

There is a message for you as you sit here. And before we start this message, we are encouraging the entourage we bring to walk the aisles of this place, and to visit the place where you are reading. We ask for a cocoon of love to encompass you, and if you've never felt it before, this is the time we ask you to feel your guides. They come in with you—they stay with you—they give you intuitive nudges, and they love you dearly. They are your best friends, and you know them from the other side. When all of this is over and you again meet in the Hall of Honor, you will have a grand time with these who have spent their lives with you on this planet. Not one of you is ever alone.

The guides are quiet. We will speak of this in a moment. But their embrace is what you can feel as you sit in this place and are loved by God. The potential in this room is astonishing, and we wish to tell you about it this night. This message is entitled The Way Things Work. We wish this to be a practical message, and when you leave this place or arise from your reading position, you'll understand more about who you are and some of the potentials that exist for your life.

Before we do that, we must revisit a parable that has been channeled and published. We wish to expound upon the parable of Wo and the Rooms of Lesson. We know that there are those among you here and reading this who are unfamiliar with this parable, so we will review it only briefly—and only the end of it. This will be knowledge necessary to understand the truth of what is to come.

Wo was a human being who, through his passing and his death, was momentarily shown the metaphoric rooms in his house of life. The rooms that Wo was shown by his guides before he went to the Hall of Honor were astounding to him. And as the parable goes, the rooms were thus: Wo opened a room that was filled with magnificent treasure. And his guides told him, "Here, Wo, is your room of abundance should you have chosen to use it while you were on Earth." This was a metaphor to show Wo what he had in the way of riches—physical riches that he could have tapped into at any time. Another room was filled with white essence and light and was Wo's room of inner peace. This showed Wo metaphorically that at any time he had wished, he could have entered this room and felt the peace of God—where worry was nonexistent. All he had to do was enter it through INTENT. It was his all along. It belonged in his house, in his life, and it had his spiritual name on it.

Another room the guides would not go in was the room of gold. This room was Wo's pure essence—his "piece of God." This was Wo's Love Room—a room so sacred and so anointed that only he could sit in it. Later he was shown other doors in his house that he did not open. On his way out of the house, he was shown doors he did not understand, which had names of unborn children. One name on a door said "World Leader." But he did not open any of them.

And as the parable goes, he moved on in full understanding that these rooms and this house would be repeated for him when he again incarnated on the Earth. That was the parable of Wo as channeled then, but we wish to continue it now. Rather than involving Wo, dear ones, instead we are going to involve YOU. You see, this is the way it works. We are going to give you some information this night that is going to help you move forward in your life.

You are important to this universe! This planet is not insignificant, and, oh, so much revolves around it! Dear ones, we wish you to visualize yourself in one of these rooms now—the one that is the most important—the one that we will expound upon—the one that holds the key to your entire life here. It is the room that Wo saw as gold. It is the room the guides could not move into. There is indeed something in this golden room with you that is hidden. If Wo had been able to stay in this room, he would have discovered something amazing beyond his wildest imaginings. As he (and you) might explore the interior of the room more fully, you would have discovered a creature of immense power and beauty. There sitting on a throne of gold would be a splendid golden angel—one whose wings spread out to a distance that touched the walls!

Who was it, this astounding angel? Had Wo gotten closer, he would have discovered that the love was so thick that breathing would have become difficult—the vibration around the angel was so anointed that he would have found himself on his knees staring up at a piece of God! As he peered into the face of this great one, the face on the angel would have slowly taken shape. There, where Wo expected to see the glorious face of a citizen of heaven—instead he would see his own features!

What could this mean, you might ask? Wo was looking at the angel that was his higher entity, or Higher Self! The entity was sacred beyond description but was a part of Wo! Wo had discovered the secret of his own divinity, his "piece of God."

Dear ones, there is an angel with your face, sitting figuratively in the chair of gold in the golden room in each of your lives right now. Its presence shouts that you belong here! Its existence gives you information that you are important, enabled, and deserve to be on this planet.

In your mind, we wish you to go in and sit in that chair right now. There is no one around you. You are alone, but empowered! We wish you to feel this gold essence fill every pore, and there's a reason why we invite you to do this. For this gold essence is the anointed piece of God that you carry with you; it is your Higher Self, and it is ingrained in each one of your cells. It speaks of home and contract and it smiles and loves you. Like a sponge, we ask you to absorb this golden light as we give you insight about what you are experiencing.

Some of you in your past days, and even to this day, have fallen in love with God. Perhaps you have assigned it to some kind of entity—some kind of master who has stood before you with great love energy. Maybe you returned it by being in love with one of these. Perhaps it was Yoganenda, Mohammad, Buddha, or the Senanda energy. Feel the love that it was that you had for this entity! Feel it strongly. Perhaps some of you have loved Kryon, or the Virgin Mary or Lord Michael. There are so many that you could pour your love to, for they (and we) pour it back so consistently and so wonderfully! Now we are here to tell you a secret, dear ones—something you may have never truly recognized. All of the love that you have had for God—for Spirit—for these entities in all of your life, is simply an absolute direct mirror of your own love for yourself. For within this metaphoric golden room is your self-essence. The piece of Spirit that you fell in love with was from home, and it was always yours.

And so, dear ones, we say to you that this gold room where you sit right now as you absorb this, is the love of your Higher Self. What it develops in your life is self-esteem, so you understand that you are not only important and loved, but are potently ready to change. So for the rest of this message, we ask you to stay in that spot and never move. The love of self creates self-esteem, and in a moment we will describe the difference between this love and the love of ego. For they are vastly different and easy to identify. It is the love of God within you that creates the enablement for the releasing of problems at this time. Anytime you feel you are not worthy, enter this room figuratively and metaphorically, and sit in that chair. Invite the love of the Higher Self and the piece of God that is you, walking on this Earth, to be absorbed within your body—and you will know the importance you have for this planet. I'm speaking to you! Yes, I am!


Day-to-Day Life

What about the day-to-day life that you live? Spirit knows when you leave this place that you get into vehicles and go places; you have occupations. How does sitting in the golden chair apply to this, you might ask? Early on we gave you the parable of the tar pit. And the parable of the tar pit said that when you receive the gifts of Spirit in the New Age, while other humans seem to be mired in tar walking from place to place, it recedes from you naturally. Guess where you are when this happens? You're sitting in that room, filled with gold, high on self-esteem, knowing who you are, taking your place on this planet as the piece of God that you are. That's why the tar does not stick. It recedes from you! Those around you in your everyday life will react to this fact. I absolutely guarantee you, dear one, that if you take the step of discovering the self-esteem of the inner self and begin loving this feeling, those around you will begin to notice. For you see, love begets itself. It attracts itself, and it's special. No matter where you go or the places you might see that might seem diametrically opposed to a Godly place, you may still sit in the golden room and feel the self-worth. And those around you who have no concept of who you are or what you were doing will look at you differently. Because at the cellular level they will know where you're sitting, you see. We are giving you a key to life at this moment. For every single person who is with you and sees you at the cellular level sees what you're doing. And even though their mouth and their eyes may say one thing—at the cellular level—their body is celebrating you, and it doesn't take long before they will change toward you. Then once again we have the action of the one changing the many by changing only themselves. Without saying a word—without evangelism, your change will affect them.



What about all that abundance? you might ask. Was it only metaphoric? Some of it was. Let me take you for a moment from this room of gold to have a vision within a vision. Where is it that you are the most peaceful? I invite you to go there now. For my partner, it might be standing in the sun over a precipice overlooking the ocean, feeling the salt air, hearing the waves, experiencing the planet as he enjoys so much. For others it might be in this very place [Banff], again on a precipice, feeling the breeze from the mountains. You might have the wonderful coolness of the weather or the snow in your face. These things often bring peace to humans. Go to that place that creates the most peace for you and stand there for a moment. I'm going to ask you a question, and it is this: Where is your greatest treasure?

Some of you will say, "You're right. It's not in the rubies and the gold. I want to be free of the hatred that I have for this or that. I want to stop worrying. I wish my family life was clear and clean. That would be my greatest treasure if I could have anything in the world." Some of you are saying, "If I could only have my health back. I am so concerned of what is churning in my body that I have no control over. I am afraid!" So your greatest treasure would be to eliminate these things—to settle them—to have solutions. Well, let me tell you that your room of peace is combined with your room of abundance. Day-to-day living is about these rooms! It starts with the room of gold because the room of self-esteem begets the room of peace. And peace creates balance, and that is where the treasures lie.

For those of you wondering why it is so difficult financially to move from place to place, or to go from here to there, we must back up two rooms. We say this: Settle the one that's gold first! Get that one settled, and the one of peace follows—and the one of abundance follows that. Take care of yourself—and your heart. All will follow. This is practical. This is day-to-day. This is how it works.


Power of the Human Being

Let us talk about the power of the human being. For, you see, the power of the human being lies in the unopened doors. Wo saw names on those doors that we will explain later to you, because we have a story to tell—another parable. The power you have is amazing, for depending upon what you do in your room of gold will determine what happens regarding the unopened doors. We'll show you this in a moment.

We have three suggestions for you as you walk day to day. These are practical things that you should know. It is important as you claim this love of your Higher Self, never to sequester it with others just because they are of like mind. We have spoken of this before, but it is the tendency of the human being to do this. Dear ones, when you receive this sacred "love of self," there is the tendency, then, to sequester it with others of like mind and keep it a secret. Do not form communes, for that is sequestering God from the rest of the Earth. It is a fear-based mechanism that asks you to do this.

The spirit of God says that you are to take your light and let it shine to those around you. That is what you're to do. And without saying anything at all, or telling anyone around you what is taking place, the light shines through you. That is what you're to do. What good is a light, dear ones, unless you take it to the dark places? If, instead, you take those lights and put them all in one room and shut the door, you have done nothing for this planet. Now we are not speaking of a meeting like this, here where you sit. No. We are speaking of a situation where you would actually sequester yourselves and others within a day-to-day living existence. We say, please beware—do not fall into that trap. Let that light shine.



Now we come to an interesting subject. What are you going to do with all of this activity around the Earth? What are you going to do with those ones who you call the ETs? How does all this fit in? You see, many are here, you know. I would like to give you an example of what is taking place right now on this planet—something that we told those at your world organization. This planet is moving toward a new area of space, an area that has an energy conducive to being joined by others, you see, and most of you know this. The Universe is teeming with life! Teeming with life! And the thought that you are alone is comical, but is part of your duality to think such a thing. Some of you are upset by those whom you see. You have heard of the dark energies, and much has been written about them. Some of you are spending all your time dealing with the potential of these from elsewhere—and you are even combining their existence with your politics! The more sensational you can make the study, the more exciting it is.

Here is an example of what is taking place: When you enter any large city to meet with the high sacred council, you must come through the peripheral parts of the city. When you enter those parts of the city to get to the center, you come in contact with what we would call the riffraff. They do not represent the council, nor is their consciousness the consciousness of the city, but they feel a lot like the ones you're going to meet. Do not mistake these for the main force, for they are not [also channeled later at the UN, Chapter Six]. Any of you who have ever had problems with what we call the riffraff, listen to this: They cannot touch you when you are in that chair of gold! And we say this now to those who believe firmly that they have been taken against their will, and that something is being done to them. This is very real! We say to you that these visitors are not allowed to touch you if you're in that room of gold, And do you know why? Because even they see the priesthood in you! They recognize the spark of God in you.

Do you want to know why some of these are so interested in you, dear ones? It's because they want to know more about that spark. They want to know more about the emotions that you have; they want to know more about this spirituality that you have. You see, you are in duality. You are honored. You are priests, each one, walking in biology, and they're fascinated by that—fascinated! For those of you who are spending your lives watching them, learning more about them, reading this and that book about them, centering your lives around them, we ask you not to let that activity consume your life, or it absolutely will.

It's marvelous for you to think that there is other life. What must it be like? But again, we give you our advice: Do not let it consume you. For the real difference in the planet lies in that gold room, not in a life's study about those you are going to meet someday. Nothing you read or investigate about space visitors will help you with your family, or heal your body or help you in your workplace or create abundance. No amount of sensational news, valid or not, will create peace in your life. No. That lies in the chair in the gold room! Get your priorities correct. First, take care of YOU! Then the study of everything else will fall into place.



Now we're going to give you some information about channeling. We would like to give you some discernment rules. It would be folly and illogical for Spirit to give you discernment rules about itself; therefore, we take these from a wise human source—a published one that is available to you, known to my partner. It is our meld that allows this information. This is what wise humans have to say about channelers and it is good advice.

(1) There will always be useful information for everyone. Beware of the channel that gives you useful information for only a few, or tells you that it's only for a special group or a sequestered number. It must be useful for all humanity, every single human. Watch for this. This is an area of discernment to know you are hearing truth.

(2) The message should be uplifting. Watch for an empowering message—Not one of fear, not one that drags you down, not one that makes you want to take fearful action or hide—but an enabling message! Watch for that.

(3) Spirit will never ever channel you a message that asks you to give up your free will. Never! For your free will is what your experience on Earth is all about as you sit in those chairs of gold. Free will! Choice is what drives your planet's future.

(4) Spirit will never give you a message—ever—that asks you to violate the integrity of what you believe. You are honored in your thought processes. Spirit will never trick you or "talk you" into anything. The message must never violate your integrity. You must feel comfortable with it, and it will ring true to your heart.

(5) Dear ones, Spirit will never represent a channeler as being the only source. Watch for this, for there are many channels of Spirit and they all dovetail their information to create a bigger picture—especially in this New Age time. They will never represent themselves as the only source of information.

(6) Watch for the fact that the information is normally new information. Beware of the channel that simply rehashes the old, for they are not channeling anything but the ego of the human being. New information is necessary. It is the entire reason for the channel. Think about it.

(7) Watch for the fact that channeled information should have spiritual solutions presented. Solutions to life challenges on Earth, via new information, is the purpose of channeling.

These are seven of the twelve rules of channeling discernment from Spirit, given to you by human beings.* And now we'll give you a rule of our own—one given you by us. What you do with channeled information, as we have told you before, is to treat it as a reference. Do not wallow in it. Do not make it your life. Do not make the human who channels out to be a guru. Look at the information and learn from it as a reference, then put it away. If you need to retrieve it to review it, do so as you would any reference, and then put it away again. Then with your own power and your own enablement, go into that room of gold and start creating higher vibrations for this planet. You are the enabled ones! The channeling is only data for your action.

We have told you to sit in this room and feel the love of God. Some of you will say, "Kryon, how do I know the difference between love and ego? They feel much the same. You have told us we must love ourselves—isn't this ego?" Dear ones, the difference between the love of Spirit, your Higher Self, and the love of the human ego is vast. Now we will give you four rule elements around that. Here are the four elements of pure love—human and spiritual. We will quote these to you often in many forms as we continue the quest to bring our vibrations closer together. There is perhaps no greater message in this entire meeting (and this book) than what follows:


The Four Elements of Pure Love

Dear ones, the pure Love of Spirit is quiet. Love does not shout from the hilltop, "Here am I—look at me!" The Love of God and the Love of the Higher Self is quiet, compassionate, strong, and thick. Oh, can you feel this? We are pouring this into you at this moment. This is the true essence of home. This is what some of you feel when you believe you are "in love" with God. It is the remembrance of home, and it belongs to you! And, dear ones...its embodiment is in that chair in the gold room! Do you understand?

Love has no agenda. It exists for itself and feeds only the spirit of Love. There is no evangelism around it. It does not choose to encompass anyone but you. This is true love. It does not shout, "If you do this for me, I'll do something for you!" No. It exists only to "be." It is content to just exist. Watch for this—there is no agenda around the Love of God.

The third one is that love never pumps itself up. It never beats its chest. It's never proud. It never has to be, you see, for it is from the creative source. Everyone will see it, and you will never have to say a word. You never even have to raise your hand to say, "Look at me." Like a light in the darkness, you will attract those who will ask, "What is it with you?" When Wo saw the great golden angel in the chair of gold, he didn't ask for credentials. He felt the sacredness of the entity! Your ordainment of humanism is a badge that all can see. As the old energy of Earth clears, many will observe it!

Finally, Love has the wisdom to use the other three. The wisdom is quiet, without an agenda or importance. It knows what to say and what not to say. It features wise action.

Pure Love will never create a fear scenario in your life, but the ego will. This is the main difference, dear ones. Fear has no place within the messages of God. Fear is a mechanism used within karma and human lesson. I ask you to remember this: In the history of all of the things written as long as you have recorded humanity, when the angels of the Lord appeared in any writings of any belief systems, they came with two words. Before they said anything to any human, do you know what the words were? "Fear not—proof that God will never bring you a fear message. Fear not! It's written for you to look at.

Sit in those gold chairs for a moment, because we have a story for you. This is the story of Thomas. Oh, dear ones, these parables are given to you because stories are remembered more than just words. This story is dripping with truth. The story is meaningful. Was there really a Thomas? No. And yet there is a Thomas in every one of the chairs that sits in this room right now, or is reading this message.


The Parable of Thomas the Healer

Early on, Thomas knew that he had a gift. He could look at people, even as a child, and know something was wrong. "Oh, you have a headache," he would say when he was ten. "I'm sorry. Let me touch your head to make it better." He saw disease and discomfort, he saw colors in the faces of people. But it was not until he was older that he realized that this was not common to humanity.

And so you see, Thomas had a gift, just like the gift that so many of you possess that are reading this or hearing these words. Perhaps in a different way—but a gift, nonetheless. The key is that it was a gift known from birth—something that was recognized intuitively, perhaps stuffed away, but, nevertheless, a gift.

Now Thomas had a choice as he grew up. He was aware of his gift, and he had dabbled in the healing of individuals, and he knew that it was indeed his passion. But he also knew that he had to make a living. Thomas wanted to make the biggest change he could on the planet, so he studied chemistry and biology. He said to himself, "I will be a research scientist. Maybe I will discover something great. God will help me, and I will affect many, many lives this way."

And so when it really came down to it, Thomas was on the precipice of an important decision: (1) to join a research company and create his career, or (2) stop everything and become a singular healer with all of the uncertainties thereof—healing one person at a time in a noninstitutional atmosphere. At the cellular level, he knew where his passion and his contract lay. He wanted to heal people—to do the most good he could with his gift. What should he do?

So it was that Thomas went to bed that night, and not long after he was asleep, he was met in a vision by two of his guides. He was taken away in that vision to a place of importance.

And his guides smiled at him and said, "Thomas, this night we are going to show you a place that the prophets have seen. And we call it The Many Futures of the Planet. But in this case, we're going to show it to you in your own lifetime. Not the planet's future, but your future. We're going to show you two possible outcomes."

Thomas was very excited, and the guides took him to something he had never seen before. It was a building made of concentric circles, as though you had dropped a rock in a pond and circles were created from its center. Each one of those many circles represented a very long, circular, narrow room; and each one of those rooms represented a different future for Thomas, depending upon his actions during his life.

Thomas was very interested in this building, but he said to these guides, "Before you show me anything else, what is in the center room?"

And his guides said, "That's a place we cannot go. That's where only the priests go. We're going to show you some of the ripples—some of the rooms of your life."

And so they took him to one of the rooms, and they said, "Here is a possible outcome of your life, Thomas. Look at it." Thomas walked into the room, and what he saw was much activity and many people, but he could hear nothing. Spirit was not going to give him the whole picture, but enough so that he could feel what was taking place. None of those in the room could see him, but he was aware of all of the events taking place.

It seemed that a great deal was going on. This room was gigantic and circular. It was well lit and packed with humans. There were many children among them, and he saw that they were very excited. Thomas walked a great distance before he actually saw himself in the room, and he saw that it was a celebration around his life! In this room there were even senators, world leaders, and mothers and fathers. They were having a great feast and a banquet, and they were all healthy, every one.

Thomas thought to himself, I'm being shown the result of my life as a research scientist. This is what I had hoped for—the greatest amount of help for the most people. My work paid off!

And so Thomas was overjoyed seeing that he was receiving accolades. The celebration revolved around what he had done. And all of the families and the children made it that much more special. And the guides said, "Thomas, it is time to go and look at still another room. Another outcome for you."

Thomas stood outside the room for a moment, and he said, "Oh, I don't want this next one to be a bad one." For Thomas was still feeling the joy of seeing the room he had just been in, and he was still savoring it all. His guides said to him, "Oh, Thomas, you must understand that the journey is your honor. For you are one that has gone to Earth. You are one who is going to change the vibration, no matter what you do. It is the fact that you are here that is special and anointed. It is the free choice that is yours, which is the spiritual icing on the cake. There is no judgment around what is in these rooms, only as interest for you—helping you in your choice."

The guides took Thomas to the next room, and it was dark. Thomas reacted. "There must be a mistake. There is no one here."

The guides said nothing. So Thomas started traversing the dim room and walked a great length of time before he saw light in the distance. There it was—a table where a celebration was going on among thirteen people. One of them was him! It was a banquet—again, a celebration of what he had done.

Thomas thought to himself, This scene must represent what would have happened had I become a singular healer. Thomas looked around at the few at the table who were toasting him. "Looks like I was pretty bad. Healing just twelve people in my lifetime."

Then Thomas saw something—something that made him swoon with understanding. For on the wrist of the arm of Thomas at the celebrating table was a gold timepiece from the research company he was about to join in real life. The play in front of him was a celebration of his retirement as a research scientist!

Thomas left the room quickly and said to his guides, "Please, I'm not done with this vision; don't let it stop. I want to go to the center room."

And his guides said, "We cannot accompany you there, but this is just a vision, Thomas, so you can go there if you choose."

So he did, and he was transported to the very center of the concentric rooms, and in that room, dear ones, there was a golden presence. And in that room, dear ones, there was a golden chair with a spectacular image of Thomas himself sitting in it! And he instantly awoke. Thomas thought to himself, I am so thankful for this Spiritual direction!

You see, dear ones, Thomas knew instantly what had taken place. The potential of the one sitting in the gold room is what is important, and when Thomas took his place in the vision in the gold room, he understood the overview—that there would be humans destined to come his way that he would heal, humans that would go on to live productive lives—to have as yet "unborn children" whose names were on the doors of the house in the parable of Wo.

Whereas there are those of you who thought the names of "unborn children" in the other parable belonged potentially to Wo, this is not the case. You see, the unborn children were to be born of those people he affected! They represented an incredible potential for change—children born from those he had helped heal or had spoken to—all due to one life: His.

Thomas now realized that a one-at-a-time healing was the correct path for him. He hadn't realized before that the one who was healed and balanced would beget two—would beget four—would beget eight. This is the parable we give you now to show you that you have no idea who you're going to meet, or the effect you're going to have on them, when you sit in that gold room. The overview is ours, but we invite you to have faith that it exists for you! We know of your potential!

The potential for the power to change this planet is awesome as you sit in that chair! You have no idea, for the ways of God are very complex, but I will tell you that the potentials for you are already accomplished in the "now." The solutions are in place, and if you were to go into that gold room and find self-esteem—to move forward in this new energy and take your power and do impossible things—we will be at your side all the way, implementing solutions that have already been created by your intent.

There will be those who will come and meet you by design, and you will recognize the synchronicity of their coming. Because of your work, they will go on to sit in their own gold rooms and affect others who will sit in their gold rooms as well! What a way to heal the planet!

Healers in this room and those reading this, are you paying attention?

Each one of you is an absolute powerhouse of change for this planet! Why does Spirit give you this message? Because the future of the planet is uncertain, but it is balanced toward your work. You are poised on the edge of something amazing, but you're going to have to take your place in those seats within those golden rooms to make the difference—and you simply can't ignore it.

So now some of you may understand when we say, "You're honored." When you sit at the feet of Kryon in a situation like this, you have had your feet washed by Spirit! For we are sitting here with our bowl of sacred water—our tears of joy for you—washing each foot and loving each of you and calling you by name, saying, "We know who you are! You are indeed dearly loved!"

Even the ones who don't believe that this is real are loved! May the seeds be planted this night even in those who would walk away from this place not understanding, so that someday when the time is appropriate and their lives are ready, all of this will come flooding back, and they will feel the love that transferred this night into their lives.

This is the way it works, dear ones. You want to know about co-creation? It's in the gold chair! Because in the gold chair, self-empowerment creates the peace that creates joy. When you realize that you deserve to be here, everything changes! You will "own" the fact that all is in Divine order. And this self-esteem lets your verbalization create power, which creates a situation where you can create your own reality—this is co-creation at its best.

So, what is it with you right now? Do you want to go from this place with the knowledge that your gold room is something to search for? I'll tell you what it can do for you: It could solve all of those problems that weigh on your shoulders at this very moment! There is no malady here in any single body that is not able to be healed instantly by the energy that is currently here in this room!

There is nothing beyond your reach in this, and you know I am telling you the truth. At the cellular level, nothing is impossible here. You think you face an impossibility in relationships or family or work? It is a phantom of your imagination—it is a karmic setup. For we promise you that there is a "win-win" solution in every single one of these situations—but its solution starts with the love in that room, in that chair.

And so, dear ones, it is time again for us to depart as we pull the entourage out of the aisles, and away from you. We say this, that we are never, ever gone. Someday when you and I will meet again face to face, when you will be in your new colors, within your Merkabah, you will recognize my colors as well.

And that day there will be great love between us, when I say "Remember the time when we were in the beautiful setting on Earth in Banff, and I gave you this message?" Oh, dear ones, there are no words my partner can say that exemplify the love we have for you.

No words....

And so it is.



KRYON - PARTNERING WITH GOD (Practical information for the New Millennium)
ISBN 1-888053-10-0
Author - Lee Carroll