Live Kryon Channel - Sunnyvale, California - May 98


Greetings, dear ones, I am Kryon of magnetic service! Let it be known at this moment, dear ones, that this crack in the veil has been created by you and your intent in this place, and by those reading these words. There will be love flowing through the crack into this room, and more than that, there will be loving entities presented here to fill this room with an awesome power. Now humanity shakes hands with the other side of the veil, and that's what this is about. It is good to see you again, is it not?

The potential of the changes for the humanity in this room, and reading these words is awesome! In these next few moments let the bridge be formed between intent and manifestation-between the intent to clear the karmic attributes that used to be yours, into the reality of the new incarnation which you have also planned for. Let the bridge be formed that will allow such a miracle, and let it be formed with the power that is in you and us together-which is the way of the New Age.

The entourage of Kryon comes with an emotion at this time, and it is the feeling of remembrance of FAMILY. We told you we would explain this relationship between you and us, and simply put, the family reunites. You know me, and I know you. I know what your name is- and it's not the name you think. We, on the other side of this crack, are very, very familiar with what you've been through-with where you are now in your growth-with where your enlightenment has come from-the revelations in the past weeks that you have had. Do not for a moment think that the duality is going to take charge. Your INTENT keeps that under control. Understand this: God is not in a vacuum regarding your life! We are here to shake hands, figuratively, with your life process. We know all of the things that you are trying to do. We know of the energy that it has taken to get to where you are. More than that, we see something that you have no concept of-your contract-and the things you have changed already.

We know what the potentials are here. And we say that this particular place is profound! The potentials of the human being sitting in the chairs here, and reading these words, are profound! That's why you find yourself here, and reading this-to have this information and feel the love that is presented to you. As these moments continue, understand that this is precious time. This is the time when we've asked to wash your feet. And at every Kryon channel and every time that we've come to visit, with permission from the humans in this room, we speak about the preciousness of the time where we can actually wash the feet of the humanity that is doing the work!

And so it is again that you get to experience the relationship that we have, you and I. And here it is again. It's FAMILY-and it's honor-and it's respect for those in this room and reading this, who will take the time to sit, and to know more about themselves.

Let me tell you more about yourself.

Your duality tells you that there is a grandness of God, and also a smallness of Human Beings. It has you always looking upwards for Spirit. You think that you have made plans this day to come and sit in these chairs, or read this? You think you have waited for this presentation, or for this energy to flood into this room? We can address you by name! We can invite the bridge to be complete. It is the Kryon and the entourage that has known of your arrival at this state for some time. For the potential of you being here in these chairs, or reading these words has been known for a very long time. Indeed it is confusing to some of you here, to understand how we even know of those in your future who will read this... and we have been waiting for them as well. All is in the NOW, and what is your future today, is the present for those reading... and in both cases, we have been WAITING FOR YOU.

Let these words not be lost upon you, which we have spoken before: "Blessed is the Angel, the divine being from the other side of the veil that chooses to hide its grandness in the human frailty of biology! Blessed is the one that elects to hide real truth through the duality that is imposed with his permission. Blessed is the Human Being that carries the divinity within him." Such is the task you have chosen for yourself, and that is why the honor is so great at this time. That's who YOU are.

Your revelations this day are amazing!

You are receiving revelation about the way things work... finally. Revelation about the Golden One that sits inside of you... finally. Revelation, perhaps, that you belong here... finally. But among these thing revealed, the most profound is the revelation that you as a human being can change things around you!

We've given you data in the past and information about how to co-create your reality. We've told you in the past how you can heal your bodies, no matter what the condition you have. We have told you that your present state is not final. We are aware of the problems in this group, and of those who are reading this. Before this time is over this day, we wish to remind you that there is no problem here that does not have a matching solution by your design. In the balance of the divine, the Human forgets that in the planning stages not only were the problems and the challenges created for lessons... but the solution as well. That is the divine balance for you to remember.

There is much to present, dear ones, about how you can affect your lives. This information is going to be new. We have selected this place at this time to allow for this information (San Francisco area). Ah, before we begin... we wish to again ask you: "Isn't it grand to be here?" You should resound with the plan, for you are enlightened enough to know that you deserve to be here at this time. Isn't it grand to be here? Do you feel the appropriateness of what you are doing for the Universe? Do you understand that this small blue globe that you call Earth, radically affects the plan of the Universe regarding the potential for the next creative event? Do you know that? It may sound cryptic to you now, but the energy happening here on this planet is being mirrored right now in a grand creative event-the very reason for your being here. We will speak of this in greater detail at a later time. Metaphorically we're going to put a package on your lap right now. Even before the teaching message begins, this unopened package is one you will later be allowed to glimpse into when it's opened. It's not for you to keep-it's a vision-one that will disappear from your lap at the end of this energy-but a vision you collectively can manifest, if you wish.

The information that is going to be presented this day is intuitive. It's about humanity and the dirt of the earth. For some of you this will be a reminder-for others it will be a revelation-and for all of you it will be information which is empowering. Never before in the history of humanity has this partnership with the planet been so real and close!. Is it any wonder that we love you so?


All things on this planet are made from the same elements that are common to the planet. Yet Human beings who walk here tend to feel that they are indeed apart from the dirt of the earth. They walk upon it-they see its grandeur and wonder at its beauty. They also fear it's power, but they feel that they are beings which are completely apart and separate from it. We wish to remind you of something very special. The elements which are contained in your body also represent the elements which are contained on the planet. Like a closed environmental system, all that is here belongs to the Earth... and especially the human body. All of the things that went into the growth of the human from that you call Mother was collected from the Earth, ingested, and it allowed the mother to grow along with the child-and here you are! It is the dirt of the Earth, therefore, that grew the nourishment that fed the mother and allowed you to exist.

As you know the cycle of life, you also know what happens at the end: The human returns to the basic elements does it not? The cycle is indeed complete. Yet still the human feels that they are apart. The item that tells them they are apart, intuitively, is what we wish to speak about. But before we do that, we wish to enhance the reminder that you are part of the elements of the actual planet. We have spoken of the "consciousness of Gaia." So it is we have spoken of the fact that humanity and the planet are seen as one unit. You cannot separate them-ever. That is the balance of it, and it will always remain in that fashion. Remember your history? The indigenous peoples of your land recognized the connection. They did more than recognize the connection, they enhanced it, through celebration-through honor-through ceremony. Let this be a time for you to again hear that ceremony is appropriate to again ground, link, and anchor you to dirt of this planet! It will only enhance what is to follow in your future. And what is to follow can be grand indeed. It has to do with that package on your lap which we will show you in a few moments.

The indigenous peoples, even of this very area and on this land, understood the need for celebration of the elements. If you will look upon their history, you will find the ceremony regarding the various elements of the Earth. They applied those elements in their ceremony in a way that acknowledged the fact that Spirit was part of the ground! They acknowledged that they, as Humans, were also of the granite, even of the trees and other life. If you look further upon what they did, you'll see an amazing thing: Somehow, at some level, these indigenous people also recognized magnetics! Did you know that? For they honored the four directions of the compass-they drew lines on the rocks of the mountains where the ley lines were for the magnetic grid systems. Yes, they did! It's still there for you to see. For they had intuitive knowledge and followed it, on how the earth was related to the humans who walked upon it.

Finally, they honored the life that also was their sustenance. They saw the cycle that permitted the buffalo to be consumed for their own benefit and that of their kind, as well as the horse to carry their burden. They honored them in their ceremonies and in their drawings, and they considered them all a part of life along with the dirt of the Earth. We remind you of this because part of your discovery and your enlightenment is a return to these basics-a return to the knowledge that the consciousness of the planet belongs to you, and that is the next subject.


If it has not been broached before, we wish to tell you now that there is something you should know about the consciousness of the planet. The separation that you feel between human and planet is false. The planet is a system-a balance, and it works in a framework that supports humanity. It was created for you, and it waited for you to arrive so that you could help steer it into the new era. We're here to tell you that the mind of Gaia is also part of the consciousness of humanity.

We told you before what happens to spiritual energy that is transmuted with intent. It goes into the ground! We have told you that it is shared with the Earth, and is part of the balanced spiritual system. We told you that much of the advancement in the cyclical weather patterns of what you are seeing now is the result of your intent. Ask your meteorologists and your scientists if there has ever been anything in the history of the strata that they study in geology, that would explain what is taking place now. This cycle is not recognizable from past history because you have changed history! It is new. But you might say, "Well, Kryon, something doesn't make sense here. The Earth has been here a long time before humans ever were. We seem to be like an afterthought" Let me explain some things:

There is an automatic self-balance that takes place on this planet that keeps it moving forward-that nourishes it. This is the balance in nature that you have been aware of only recently, and that you are trying to correct in many instances. You are beginning to recognize this balance as sacred and precious... and you are right. There are those that would question this "mind of the planet" scenario and say, "What about all those eons of time before humans? Where was its "mind" then?" We'll tell you. This is the sacredness of it, so listen carefully. Like the meal for a human that would take days and days of careful preparation-only to be consumed in fifteen minutes, the Earth has been carefully prepared for you-carefully. And the balance has been created specific and unique so that you would be safe and protected-so that you could live your lives with a peaceful, balanced atmosphere-so that you could live without turmoil on a planet made just for you.

When it was perfect and it was right-when the seed biology was given to you, you arrived on schedule-and we have discussed this before. So as you now take your power, which is the next step in the overall plan of you and Gaia, we wish to explain the miracle of this combination that most of you still deny. Some of these things are going to sound mysterious-in fact, strange and unbelievable. But there will come a time, dear ones, when science will provide answers that you first heard here from this chair, this day, about how you relate to the planet.

The automatic balancing system of the planet is very metaphoric to what happens in your body. There are systems in your body that seem to function without your thought. You have no consciousness control, you may say, over digestion, breathing, heart beat, circulation or the natural rejuvenation process of new cell division which is on-going. Yet, there is a conscious mind at the top of it (your brain). And that particular conscious mind has been revealed to you through the Yogis and the Shamans for its ability to change everything that I've just said seems to happen automatically.

Therefore it's with practice, experience, and the knowledge and revelation of the hidden power you have which allows for the control over these systems within your body which you thought were automatic. So there is a centralization, is there not, of a consciousness that can affect these things for your benefit? You have seen it before. It is the reason, when you are peaceful your heart, that it does not beat as fast. It is the reason, when you are angry and anxious and fearful, your heart beats faster. This seemingly automatic organ responds to the consciousness of the central system. It is not that much different between the collective consciousness of the humans on the planet, and the very dirt of the earth. We are going to give you some examples.

Here is information to disable a common fear. This information may give you a different perspective on what humans perhaps fear most. Humans fear what they CANNOT CONTROL, and they instinctively fear death. Many times they link the two. Oh, there are those in this room and reading this that say, "I do not fear dying. I am ready, I do not fear death." In all love, dear ones, we're going to tell you something: Your duality provides and dishes out great fear even when the spiritual part denies it! When you are at the death place of transition you will know what I mean, for it is always there. That is one of the reasons we love you so, because this fear is designed by you to be exactly what it is-frightening and unknown-designed in this way so you do not stroll into the transition lightly. It is designed so that you will remain!

Being terminated in an uncontrolled fashion by nature is perhaps one of the largest fears of humans. They see the earth as something unpredictable. Many Humans say, "the power of nature is this, and it is that." They see this "nature" as apart from them, and sometimes very frightening. They never realize what the SYSTEM really is, and what it is attempting to create. On two fronts, we would like to explain your participation in the planet.


The first one is physical. The atmospheric system which you call weather is probably one of the most common things that you see every day. It's powerful and seemingly unpredictable, you might say. We're here to tell you that you have some control over this, dear ones! There are those of you who say, "Kryon, are you telling me that we can control the weather?" No. Here's what I'm telling you. That you can control the energy around YOU, and the weather will RESPOND to it. That's what we're telling you.

You do not directly and willingly control your heart beat. The masters have shown you, however, that if your consciousness is altered, the HEART will respond. It is the same with the physics of the planet. For the Earth recognizes the INTENT energy of the human being! How can it help not? It was created for you! Here is another analogy: Let's say you are swimming in the ocean among giant waves and you are afraid. Suddenly you realize that by thought alone you might raise a platform of rock, high enough so that you could be free from the threat of the elements. There you would stand with the waves crashing around you. Let me ask you this, did you control of the waves? No. They're still there. What have you done? You have only changed their affect on YOU. This is what we're talking about, and it's this consciousness principle with many Humans together which you have not been totally aware of.

We're going to give you an example. We're going to tell you how it's done in your own practical life. What we're telling you dear ones, is that you can affect the energy around you, which will affect what the weather does around you. And when we say YOU, we mean COLLECTIVE YOU (Humans together in collective thought). We are speaking of what a group of light workers and individuals can do to change an area of the planet where the weather is severe!

By way of your strong partnership with Gaia, you can create situations where weather will seem to "go around" where you are-like the rock in the waves. Responding to the energy that is created in a vortex of co-creation-of sacredness-the weather balance will remain, but it will go around those areas of consciousness that are created by the group. You see, Gaia knows who you are! (I told you that this might seem unbelievable). There are those among you, however, who have experienced this very thing.

The consciousness of the planet, much like the consciousness over your lives, is such that you can change certain attributes, but the system remains in place. You can heal and clear the energy of certain areas that need it-but the system remains in place. Therefore there are certain places that will be healed and certain places that will not be affected, because of what you do in your lives both individually and collectively.

Let us talk about something germane to the area-the way the earth moves here (San Francisco area). Ah, dear ones, you live in a place that shakes and you know it-and so does my partner (speaking of Lee, who lives in Southern California). Let me tell you something: Some of you are drawn into areas that seem dangerous. There, you live out your lives. Some of you will be wondering why it is that you've been drawn to an area with a dangerous attribute. So it is that some of the metaphysical teachers and enlightened workers have been drawn to areas all up and down this coast that moves and shakes. There are faults in the ground that are poised to move, and are known to be actually moving in this area. They are part of the geology of the planet and the automatic balance which has always been here for you to see. Yet, here YOU are living! I'm going to tell you why; then you're going to understand what is taking place, and understand your place in it all. Then you're also going to understand the power generated by the consciousness of groups of light workers who know how to give INTENT.

You might feel you are here in this place by accident, and that some day you will be able to escape the anxiety of the unknown ground movement. Did you ever think perhaps it's the opposite-that your presence here is what we call "the work"? There are light workers that have been moved through synchronicity and through love to sit right in these shaking spots! Here's what's going on, dear ones: When we talk about the physical earth-when we talk about the thing that is feared more than anything else by humans, (that of being crushed by a boulder or a rock in the middle of the night, or to have the earth shake in such a way that the family is threatened-or to have volcanic explosions in the mountains), I'm here to give you a revelation about it. And here it is: JUST A ROOM FULL OF PEOPLE VIBRATING AT A HIGH LEVEL, WHICH YOU CALL THE ASCENSION STATUS, HAVING GIVEN INTENT, CAN CHANGE WHAT HAPPENS IN YOUR AREA. It can change something profound with potential, into something small, just by the intent of the consciousness because Gaia will respond. Gaia will respond! Gaia is part of you... like the heartbeat is part of you. Here's how it works. There has to be what we call the "front liners," and then there has to be a support group behind them. It doesn't matter if we are talking about weather, or if we're talking about a shaking earth, or about a volcano, or impending floods. Let me tell you how it works: It's being done all the time! The front liners are the light workers that have chosen to be at the point where it actually happens. These are the light workers that say "I OWN my spirituality, and I KNOW my piece of divinity, and therefore I know where I belong, so I'm going to ANCHOR my area with my energy. I'm going to stay there and live there, and call it my home. I'm going to send a shaft of light into the center of the Earth to balance the planet. And I and other light workers, and front liners are going to do the same." These are the "front liners," the ones that are called to the areas to live right at the focus of where the changes are predicted-knowing full well that their consciousness is an anchor, but that they have support as well.

Let me tell you about that anchor: It has a chain. And that chain, figuratively, is connected to the thousands of light workers that are going to give this anchor power by giving it the energy of INTENT. Some of you have been doing this, and I'm telling you it works! It works! Can you change the weather? Oh, yes. In the area that is anchored-in the area that is being considered and being meditated upon-the weather will simply change there. See, Gaia responds to the energy of the Human and the Human group.

Have you ever heard my partner say that "consciousness changes physics"? It does. Consciousness changes matter-consciousness will change the planetary function and balance, and YOU are in charge. The planet was made for you! Doesn't it make sense that you would be able to do these things?

So it is, that we have the "front liners" and the support group. There are those who would say, "Kryon, can't we do the anchoring without a human living there?" The answer is no. It's YOUR personal energy that makes it happen. You will know if you are called to be an anchor, but many are not. The mechanics of it, dear ones, are this: There MUST be INTENT of the "front line" human in the actual area for the chains to exist that attach to the support group. Let those chains then go outward to tens of thousands of you who can change the planet, for its needed in the areas that we are speaking of in this environment (the west coast of the United States).


Let us tell you the second phase of this, and it only makes sense that we would now reveal something else to you. The planet has a spiritual aspect. This cannot surprise you, for you must know by now that Earth responds to human consciousness and it always did. Here's what it responds to: It responds to being LOVED! And your indigenous people knew that.

How many of you can explain those who seem to be able to grow anything? They are in touch at a heart level, and the life in the dirt responds to them. They know they are connected to Gaia. You see, Gaia responds to LOVE. It should not shock and surprise you that Gaia also responds to human war-human death-famine-injustice, and to the consciousness of fear and terror. It reacts to all things that change Human energy. While affecting Humanity, these high energy events change the energy of the dirt as well! That's what Gaia responds to.... YOU.

So what has this spiritual aspect of the planet got to do with anything, you might ask? What can you do with it? We're going to give you some examples of what you can change, and we're going to challenge you. We said that the earth responds to war, and the areas where war has occurred. There's more than that. As the consciousness of Humanity responds spiritually to events and potentials that develop, you can change that potential with your spiritual consensus. Now, there are methods where you can clear the actual land of past energy, and we're going to tell you how that can happen-but beyond that, let me speak about the clearing of POTENTIAL. This is an interdimensional concept, and has to do with being in the NOW. We're going to tell you how it's already been accomplished in certain areas... as an example of your power. Take a look at what you have already done recently.

Lest you underestimate your power, dear ones, we wish to tell you that a test occurred not too long ago on this planet of your potential changing possibilities. This involves your country (USA) in an area that you would call the Gulf, where there was confrontation before. It involved death, anxiety, terror, fear and despondency... although you were shown very little of that part of it. The land of Human origin ran with this energy, and some of it is still there.

However, what looked like a repeat, dear ones, was averted, and I will tell you how. It was TRANSMUTED to a peaceful condition through light workers on this planet and a consciousness of other human beings fully aware of giving powerful INTENT. The INTENT stated, "Peace is what we desire here! Let there be peace in this area!" And there were those on the land, where it was taking place, who we again call the "front liners." They knew full well the danger, but held their light and anchored the area. Some were from the dirt of the area, and some were not. Then there were those of you who were hooked into those "front liners" who were also giving energy for that area. And what happened, you got to observe: the conflict was resolved at the last possible moment. Thousands of you were involved in this solution! This test will occur again-to see where humanity will go with it when the energy is again correct. It is a global test, and we're here to tell you that this latest test wasn't just solved with light workers alone. It was all those on the planet who gave INTENT for this condition to be cleared and it was! Any human giving energy of thought and prayer toward this goal joined spiritually with the anchors in the area (even though they might not have understood the mechanics of it). This is an example of what Humans can do with potentials that seem like they are out of control. Many times Humans seem to believe that their governments are in control of everything, and they simply are to sit back and hope things work out. They also believe their economies and quality of life are ruled by outside forces which are beyond their control. "What can they do?" they say. I'm telling you that the consciousness of the group with intent, can change all of that-all of that! There is nothing that you cannot accomplish... and if you noticed, your latest victory was done with world opinion, and not by the process of one government! World opinion is another word for Human INTENT. This is not the first time in the last few years that a group of humans has changed a world political power. Think of your past history. Compare it to the 1950's and 60's. What is missing? Through nothing more than INTENT, an entire group of Humans brought down an entire political structure that was extremely powerful. No government did it. YOU did it. No organized government has a chance to survive in the new energy without the participation and consent of its people. You are seeing that exact attribute right now as the former heads of old energy governments are unseated by the people themselves. Watch, as this fact is repeated over and over through the years.

Let us talk about the potential of unrest that exists on your planet now. Let me give you information on where the spiritual focus can be for the greatest Earth help. Light workers are you listening? Now that you know how to do it, do you really want to make a change in this planet? I'll tell you where to focus the love: Focus it at the heart, and that metaphoric heart at this moment (and for the next few years), is in that country which is small-far from here-and it is Israel. It's time to anchor the light workers there, and send out the chains. It's time for that conflict and spiritual puzzle to be solved. Doesn't it strike you odd that the largest potential for conflict in on the Earth right now is about spirituality and ancient tribal rights? It is as we told you it would be when we spoke at your United Nations in 1995 [transcription published in Kryon Book Six].

Do you want to know the real potential for tension? It exists more than ever between religious beliefs on the planet. That's where it exists. Far beyond tribes, isn't it ironic that the tensions would be greatest between those who disagree about God? There's so much love from Spirit to YOU! There is so much uniformity in what you collectively believe-and there's so much universal truth! It's time to create understanding and realize these things! That is indeed the top meditation, is it not? For tolerance and peace?

Look at what you have done recently in this area. Here is still another example to look at regarding the power of Humans to create solutions in this new energy. In another place on this planet there has been war and death for decades in a small country, and it has been about religious belief and tribal rights. The country is what you call Ireland. Right now there is an attempt like no other to finally solve the conflict, because of the consensus of Human beings on the planet, and in those areas that are saying, "We're tired of the fighting. Let's make it work. Let's finally have peace here." There are light workers that are anchoring that land, sending out their chains to you-hooked to you, the support group. Listen to the ones that are one the front line-who know what they're doing. The test of the spirituality is there, for they OWN the fact that they are a piece of divinity anchored into the land, and that all will be well. That's the power you all have! Blessed indeed are those who have created this great possibility!


Let me tell you how land is cleared. First, there are the front liners, and then there is the support group (surprised?) The land can be cleared, dear ones, by the family (speaking of light workers). There is a certain portion of them that have to be FROM the land. This actually means that their origin (birth) is of the land they are on. You, as light workers in this area (USA) may send over your energy to support them and clear especially dark and soiled areas-filled with war and anxiety of the ages. You are therefore the support group for the ones from the dirt of the land, with the elements in their body that came from the soil. They are the ones that must start it and become the anchors.

We have waited until this time to tell my partner and his partner to be in these areas (Lee and Jan). They need to experience the energy personally for this information to be given to those "front liners." So, it is no error that finds certain people in certain places with certain enlightenment-to put down their shaft of light and say "This area is going to be cleared." Dear ones, this clearing is not difficult. Just as you clear a room of energy, simply and quickly, through the sage, indeed the land can be cleared as well. That is the task, is it not? Every square foot of the earth, cleared. It is underway right now.

Coordinate with the "front liners" of the areas, and specify times to meditate and send energy with identical INTENT. Visualize and "see" the land cleaned of the energy of war and strife. Visually pour love upon the dirt as the spiritual soap that Gaia needs to "breath." It won't take long for the land to react to this grand outpouring of your effort. Don't be surprised if you feel the land love you back!


Let me tell you a potential that exists right now. Let's talk about the metaphoric packages on your lap. [Remember, they were given earlier in the message]. There's a visualization on your lap-one that you cannot keep on your lap-one that you may say is fleeting-a visualization of a potential of this planet. We will now open the package you received earlier. We have never presented this visualization, dear ones, until now to any group.

The opening of the package reveals a globe in front of you. It's small. As though you are looking down from space, you see this brilliant, glowing, beautiful jewel called planet Earth. It is the future Earth. You can't touch it. You can't go there. It floats before you as the potential of the GRADUATE earth, and it exists in the NOW. It's slowly manifesting in your time frame... slowly transmuting a potential into reality, and that is why we can show you the visualization.

We wish you to FEEL the energy around this, this visualization that's on your lap. You, from a place in space, from the entity that you are, looks down upon this graduate earth. And this visualization can actually take place in not too many years. It is an Earth that is free of violence. It is an Earth that is balanced between Gaia and humanity. It is an earth that understands that humanity is necessary to cooperate and trade with one another. It's a graduate earth that is preparing a universal energy-an energy that says, "we are ready to meet the others"-an energy that says, "we are ready to have the time shift occur." It is an earth which has the land cleared by the light workers. It is a planet where the humans finally understood their place and their affect on the dirt. It is an Earth where the Humans have found peace.

How does it feel to know that this is a real possibility?-as real as any other vision has ever been-and we're not going to take it away. No. We are going to ask that YOU take this vision with you. See? Remove it from your lap and place it in your HEART! Believe it's possible! You're going to have to, you know. It's the only way to manifest it. You've got to OWN it. Feel the self-worth inside you. We've called that graduate earth you are looking at, something that you've heard before-and there are those in this room and reading this who understand spiritual history, and who will know what the name means, for it is called the "New Jerusalem."

You changed your future in these past few months, did you know that? Through the love that you have for Humanity, and the understanding regarding the enlightenment and the power that you have at this time, many of you are beginning to understand what you are doing here. It's the balance of the physical and the spiritual and the knowledge of how to make it work that's going to make this visualization manifest into reality. And in the process, dear ones, don't be surprised if you feel connected to the planet in a new way. And in the process, don't be surprised if you find yourself with new passions, new eating patterns, new sleeping patterns. There are those in this room and reading this that find themselves looking at a new situation in their lives which is so different from the way it was a few years ago! That's the new you, with INTENT to move forward with wisdom and understanding of the overview of your part on Earth. It's a rejuvenated spirit that you feel! That's what happens when a human being stands before God and says, "I recognize you now! You are my best friend. I know where Home is. I know where I AM. And the two concepts, that of God and Human, are melding together." And so that graduate earth becomes the new home, and that's what this is all about.

We leave this place, dear ones, and we wish you to know and understand that a piece of home came to visit you today. Keep your visualization of the graduate Earth in your heart and mind. It has never been given in a meeting before like this-never. This is a visualization that is brand new, created within the last two years. Do not be depressed or alarmed over some of the things that will have to transpire before the clearing is done. Old energy transmutes to new with upheaval, then the healing comes. Do not be depressed over predictions of doom from the soothsayers. Not everything is as it seems.

Hold your light up high-and remember this time, when we came here for a brief moment in your life to reunite this side of the family with your side. Feel the love we have for you, because of what you are doing for all of us.

And so it is.