November 1996



Greetings, dear ones. I am Kryon of magnetic service. This room is filled with the love of Spirit. Let's get right to it! Perhaps some of you have been coming to a place like this [the UN] because you feel that you can make changes. We are here to say indeed! Through your heart and your consciousness and the "piece of God" that each one of you carries with you, this very group has the power to change the planet. But it must start individually with each of you. It is an often-stated Kryon theme that says that your piece of God must radiate self-worth to your own mind. You must understand who you are and believe indeed that you are here for a purpose.

This is the beginning of your vibrational change. Each one of you sitting in your chair has reason to be here, and perhaps that reason is to combine with others through the thoughts as generated in today's meditation, to change the planet even while sitting here in a place like this. For the energy here is great with purpose and intent, and you are not here by accident.

Let us speak now briefly about something potent, and I speak to all who are seeing and hearing this message: There is nothing in your individual life that cannot be changed right now if you choose to change it. Although the Kryon might speak of planetary issues, and in a moment the Kryon might speak of nonearthly things, for now let me address a message to your heart.

Perhaps you are carrying something in your body that you feel is inappropriate for your life. Perhaps it is a secret only known by you. Perhaps there are situations around you which are uncomfortable. Perhaps you are despondent or depressed, saying, "Nothing can ever make this better." We say this to you: " Dear one, you are so dearly loved. That piece of God within you has the power to change all of the things around you, even the attributes you fear the most! There is nothing too difficult for the miracle of spiritual physics to change. And your guides stand poised as the room increases in the love energy - right now.

It's about individual hearts you know. It's about what you can do for yourself that will then change the atmosphere around you. And as you do this, dear ones, the ones around you will change as well. So again we have the instruction that the change in one will facilitate the change in many, and therefore the power of just a few enlightened ones will affect the whole.

Make no mistake! This power is the power of love and higher vibration. Planetary change is in the works here in this room. So we encourage you to continue what you are doing here [the S.E.A.T.].

Dear ones, we have four items to address in the short time we have. Now we speak to the assemblage, not just those in this room but also the ones who will read these messages. Even though there are only a few hearing these words, the real energy of this message is going through this entire building, and the items presented today will facilitate thoughts in others not here now perhaps even to those who meet in the big room not (ar from here [the General Assembly]. Such is the way spirit works that the "now" time frame supersedes the past and future.


Joe was a man who lived in a house with others, and this house had many rooms. Everyone who lived in the house had a room of their own, and Joe loved the room he lived in. All the rooms were special, and he had seen many of the other rooms and felt they were beautiful, too. But Joe had one of the larger rooms, which had more resources than the others. He kept a close watch on all the parts of it and kept it as peaceful and beautiful as he could. He would get together with the others occasionally and discuss how to collectively beautify the whole, but he felt his room was the most special, as did each of the others about their own space.

Joe found that by painting the walls certain colors he could create specific moods and attitudes, creating certain protections he needed and a great deal of beauty. So he did, and he used his room's resources and kept his room to his liking through his lifetime. As so it came to be that Joe's technical resources also increased with time, since he had one of the larger rooms. Joe eventually looked up at his ceiling and noted that it needed repair. Using his new technology, he could now reach his ceiling, so Joe increased the strength of his ceiling structure and beautified it at the same time, something he had not been able to do previously.

Now, it wasn't long before Joe also reached out and said, "With my technology I can also improve the roof over my room. I know I can make it better for my space. I will do these things." So it was that Joe used his technology to beautify his roof and make it better for his purposes. But in the process of doing so he made an error, for he did not understand the concept of the collectiveness of the roof, and that it was a part of the other rooms.

Those in the other rooms said nothing about Joe's efforts, since they did not understand what Joe was trying to do; and in fact Joe did not fully understand his technology, either. His intent was good, but his wisdom fell short and a mistake happened. Due to his incomplete knowledge, the roof over Joe's room became unstable and failed. But that was not all that happened. Since the roof was collective and existed not in pieces above each room but as a total system, it also was affected. In time Joe's efforts regarding his own roof gradually changed the entire roof, endangering the whole house. Joe realized that the ignorance he had shown within his own room had indeed caused chaos and danger for the whole house, and he was ashamed.

Now, this parable is not lost on any of you! We tell you that your technology on this continent is so powerful at this point in time that the experiments within the confines of the skies of your country will absolutely affect all countries! So we again say to you: Slow down until you understand fully what you are doing! Do not undertake these kinds of powerful experiments without seeking the advice of the others on the planet who share your same atmosphere. You cannot do this and feel you are isolated and alone on the planet. Gather in places like this [the UN] and speak of these things! Bring up the subject in the "big room." This is why this building exists! We challenge you. It is time.


Now we have a question for you: If you were to build an organization of nations such as this from the beginning again, would it make sense to you in these new times, with the millennium approaching, to have the wisdom of the planet's ancients present in your planning? Could you use their collective ideas or perhaps their secrets, previously hidden? I think you would say "Yes, that is an excellent idea." Why is it then, that there is no place in this vast organization for that very wisdom? Did you forget that it is available? Do you discount that it would be valuable?

Even on this continent there are the native ancestors of the ancients who still carry the understanding of the old spiritual Earth ways. They understand the spiritual nature of the land and of peace. They understand coexistence with the elements, and the energy of the West, East, North and South. Those ancients who founded the tropical islands of the entire Earth fully understood their own star ancestry And their human ancestors still teach it to this day in an unwritten language and know how it all fits together with the energy of Earth.

Those on the other side of the planet who are today building fires with sticks for warmth and gathering around in a primitive fashion understand better than any wise person in this building how things actually work! There are ancestors of ancients on every continent, and their knowledge fits together - did you know that? For the truth of the planet never changes, but the basics are often lost to the modern ones. Yet none of these wise ones are represented in this building since they do not own the land they are on. They carry the greatest wisdom that this planet has to offer humanity today, but because they are not politically powerful they are ignored.

And so we say that it is time to consider a council of elders, of the spiritually wise, to advise the rest of you. A council validated by their planetary lineage and not their government credentials. If you do this, it will indeed bring results for you, all of you! There is no greater time than this for such an idea. Perhaps it will now occur in the big room down the hall.


Here is the third issue for today: It is about what you call extraterrestrials. Dear ones, you have not yet met the ones you expect to meet. When your planet is of a vibrational intent that matches that of the others, it will be as a beacon for them to come. They will bring you great news and wonderful help. But the beacon is not yet in place. The ones you are meeting now are not forerunners of the others. They are outsiders, peripheral entities who absolutely do not represent the vibration of those who are waiting.

Did you know that the universe is teeming with life? Even subsequent to my past visit in this very building you have discovered over nine planets not in your solar system! So almost overnight your science is saying, "Indeed there are other planets than are attached to our Sun!" It won't be long before they will also be saying, "Indeed there is other life besides that attached to our Sun." It is only a matter of time. Here is new news, something never channeled before: There is a far greater chance of intelligent life within solar systems with twin suns than ones with just one sun. There are reasons for this, and your own science will some day validate why this is so. The incidence of dual stars supporting a group of planets is greater than that which you have here, which is of only one sun. You might say, "We have intelligent life, and we have only one sun. Why is that?" And we say that we have hidden you well, very well.

We have admonished you before on this subject. Listen! Nations of this Earth, pool what you know with the others so you will understand the intent of the messengers. Each of you has a piece, but none of you have the whole. You are being given a great deal of misinformation by those who are the "peripherals." They will trick you into doing things that you otherwise would not if you had the whole knowledge. They have an agenda that is not commensurate with the raising of the planet's vibration, and this agenda is filled with lies. When you reveal what you know there can be no secrets!

There is great irony that by keeping these extraterrestrial activities a secret, you are perpetuating their very agenda, and it is not in your interest. Do not trust these who are physically here now They do not represent the ones to come. Oh, they are amazing. Their technology is beyond yours, and their presence is being sequestered by powerful humans in a way that is inappropriate for planetary growth and enlightenment. Share the knowledge!


Finally we have a message for you that might appear cryptic. But those who understand the overview will quickly understand what is being asked. You, as the planet Earth, have moved far beyond where we thought you would be at this linear time. You have chosen peace repeatedly when given the challenge.

Oh, you might see the strife around you and the suffering of many and the many tribal wars. These are but a residual of the old energy But the overview is this, dear ones: Peace is no longer an option; it is a necessity! Those who are moving into a higher vibration totally understand this. This planet cannot exist in the vibratory state it is moving toward and also sustain war. This is why your very organization [the i e. UN] is still sustained, even with all those who are trying to re-eliminate it!

Look around you. All of the predictions of the ancient re doomsayers are void. You have broken the prediction te paradigm that said you would not make it this far. Your Armageddon didn't happen when it was supposed to. Did anyone notice? Your old energy of war is not acceptable, andthe new millennium promises a time of peace and tolerance and love. It's up to you to take it there, however. You are on the right track, and the timetable that many predicted for your demise simply has vanished. Even the timetables from New Age channels have been changed. Your future is changing almost daily due to the vibratory change in the soil of the Earth herself! Did you notice?

There is one major challenge left, dear ones, and it is an important one: Make peace with the dragon. We will leave this message alone for now.

All of you are dearly loved. We know the names of each of you here. We know what you are going through and what brought you to this place to sit in these chairs and hear these words. We say to you, there is a grand plan for your life! We sit before you and plant the seeds of truth and love. We sprinkle you with the essence of home and hope you recognize the God force that is here now. If you are in your contract right now, you can feel the love that is being sent to you. If you don't understand these words, we tell you that the seeds are still being planted. It's about free choice and intent. It's about honor for humanity. Someday you might allow the seeds to grow and it will change the way you view everything. You will finally understand that you are actually an anointed being with the very essence of God within each of you, appropriate for your time here, honored for being where you now sit!

We love you dearly. And so it is!